Yoga for Golfers

In this Teesha Talk Tuesday, we will discuss yoga for golfers, the best exercises/poses to practice, and the added benefits of it.

What is it? Yoga for golfers is exactly what it sounds like - yoga poses that are targeted to those who play golf and are looking to improve their form, and therefore, improve their performance. Yoga improves a person’s golf game by optimizing their physical and mental performances. It increases the amplitude of the torso rotation from 20% to 40% and prevents back pain and other specific golf related injuries. Yoga for golfers also builds core stability to increase your golf swing, increase range of motion, build awareness of muscular imbalances, and prevents injuries. Not only does it open the hips and the shoulders, but it also increases flexibility in the spine, and improves proprioception & mental focus.

What are the best poses/exercises for golfers? The top six poses/exercises for golfers are the standing shoulder stretch, the side stretch, the twisted lunge, the standing thigh stretch, the chair twist, and the standing hip opener.

The standing shoulder stretch is when you stand with your feet straight forward and your hips-width apart. Clasp your hands behind your back. Inhale, lift your shoulders so that they're even with the base of your neck and plug your shoulders back. If your shoulders are tight and slouch forward, hold your golf club for leverage. Exhale and bow forward. If your back is strained, bend your knees as much as you need to release it. Otherwise, straighten your legs as straight as they go. Hold for five breaths and come out of the pose.

The side stretch is when you stand tall with your feet and legs touching while holding your club with your hands shoulders-width apart and reaching your arms overhead. Lean to the right and sway your hips to the left without leaning back. Keep your shoulders and hips square and your chin parallel with the ground. Hold for three breaths and repeat on the second side.

The twisted lunge is when you step your right foot forward in a lunge, bending your front knee over your ankle and lengthening your stance so your back foot is vertical. Lower your back knee gently. Inhale, get upright in your lunge and bring your palms to touch. As you exhale, hook your left elbow across your right thigh. Angle your right elbow up and plug your shoulder back. As you balance, slowly look up.

The standing thigh stretch is when you start standing with your feet inner hips-width apart and straight forward. Bend your right knee and reach back with your right hand to hold the outer edge of your foot. Move your right knee in until your thighs are parallel with one another. Use your club to help keep your balance. Draw your right knee slightly forward and set your right upper thigh back. Hold the pose for several breaths with your hips and shoulders square before moving to the second side.

The chair twist is when you step your feet inner hips-width apart with your feet straight, bending your knees deeply over your feet and set your upper thighs back and create a slight arch in your low back. Rest your right forearm across your thighs with your right elbow on your right thigh and your hand on your left thigh. Keep your hips and knees level and open your chest to the left. Reach your left arm up and hold for three breaths before changing sides.

The standing hip opener is when stand with your feet 4 to 6 inches apart and straight. Bend your knees deeply, shift weight in your left foot and hook your right shin across your left thigh. Press your left hand against the sole of your right foot and press your foot against your hand. Flex your right foot and sit deeply, setting your right inner thigh down and back to open your right hip deeply. Practice this pose on both sides.

What are the benefits of yoga for golfers?

1. More flexibility and strength => which translates on the course by more distance and accuracy.

2. A better breathing technique => allowing to keep a calm mind and also to have a better tempo in the swing.

3. Better balance => giving more control during the ascent and descent phases of the swing and a good weight transfer.

4. Greater overall fitness => which will reduce the risk of injury and recovery time allowing golfers to play better, longer, with more confidence and enjoyment.

Are you or someone you know an avid golf player? Inquire about having a session with us to improve your golf performance and to go into your game more relaxed and focused than ever. Here at Teesha Yoga, we have a lot of our athletic clients sign up for Athletic Yoga where we design the class to conform to their needs based on which sports they specialize in. Join us so we can inspire your yoga fitness journey and better your relationship with sports! Until next time, stay safe!



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