What are antibodies?

Lately, the news has been giving out a lot of medical terminology and information that can be hard to comprehend all at once. It seems like every day we’re learning something new about our immune systems, how to protect ourselves and what can put us as risk. At a time like this where germs are a hot topic, it’s important to know what you’re body is already doing to protect yourself.

By now, most of us know that our immune system has antibodies that fight off infections, but what exactly are antibodies? How do they work? According to Science News for Students, Antibodies are Y-shaped chromosomes that locate and attacks foreign invaders that your body doesn’t recognize. These foreign invaders are often called “antigens,” which are different bacteria, viruses or allergens. The antigens start by attaching themselves to your white blood cells. Once under attack, these white blood cells split off, creating plasma cells that then release millions of antibodies to attack the antigen. Some of these antigens are constantly changing in order to outrun the antibodies, which is why we need new flu shots every year (Science News for Students). The best way to show your appreciation to your body and your powerful little antibodies is by eating immune boosting foods! Carrots, broccoli, oranges/grapefruit, spinach and red bell peppers are all super foods that contain vitamins A and C. Spices are also a great source for an immune boost, especially cinnamon, clove, oregano and cumin! Get creative and try adding a little spice to your teas or dishes to try something new while helping your body. It’s also important to add multi vitamins like vitamin D, zinc and B12 to help strengthen your immune system. Building up your immune system during such uncertain times like this is vital for keeping yourself and others safe. Also, never forget to wear your mask in public and remain 6 ft (or more if possible) from others. COVID-19 is here to stay and it’s best to have a line of defense to avoid putting your body at risk. Stay safe everyone!

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