Vitamin D Health Benefits

There’s a vitamin that’s not getting enough of a spotlight, which is ironic because the easiest way to get some is by standing outside the sun. Yep, it’s vitamin D! Vitamin D deficiency is all too common, especially for those with a darker complexion and those over the age of 65. Having a vitamin D deficiency can you put you at risk for obesity, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. So how can you get your hands on Vitamin D? According to Webmd, vitamin D can be attained through fatty seafood and fish, mushrooms, eggs and peas. Having a good source of vitamin D can assist in developing your bones and teeth, regulating your body, fighting the effects of depression and anxiety and boosting weight loss.

Vitamin D can help reduce your chances of developing the flu by stimulating the pancreas. In doing so, the vitamin is regulates your immune system (Healthline). Vitamin D is also believed one of the most potent inhibitors of cancers cell growth. Not only does it help the body, vitamin D has also been proved to regulate mood and ease affects of depression. Healthline references a study done in which patients with mild depression who received vitamin D supplements showed improvements in their mood. Vitamin D deficiency is common in those with depression and anxiety, so if you’re struggling with anxiety, Vitamin D might be just what you need.

Vitamin D has also been proven to boost weight loss. The International Journal of Medicine formulated a double-blind clinical trial done on 50 overweight/obese women, who were divided into two groups in which one received a vitamin D supplement and the other received a placebo. After a week trial period, the group that received the vitamin D supplement showed a “significant decrease in BMI, weight, hip circumference, and waist circumference decreased significantly (International Journal of Med.)” If you’re looking to add a healthy habit and want to slim down in the hips, a little vitamin D and calcium can go a long way.

Go outside, get some sun, and have a little smoked salmon! Load up on Vitamin D any way you can because your body needs it.

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