The Key to a Healthy Body is a Happy HEART!

As you know, your heart is a very important vital organ that controls just about everything going on within your body. It pumps blood throughout your body (while simultaneously communicating with your brain), sends out signals to your nervous system (through the transmission of nerve impulses), and supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues (PLUS removing carbon dioxide and other wastes). In knowing all these amazing things that the heart is in charge of, you MUST understand how significant it is to maintain a strong and healthy heart.

In today's Teesha Talk Tuesday, we will be discussing what you SHOULD be doing to promote heart health versus what you should AVOID doing to prevent destructive habits to your health and overall health.

How to promote heart health:

1. Know/learn your health history: If you know your potential risks, you can work towards avoiding them and their triggers. Consult with a doctor and your family about your health history.

2. Consume a healthy diet: Making healthy food choices greatly enhances your energy, alertness, and heart health. Common foods such as your fruits and vegetables (grapes, apples, and bananas PLUS some cauliflower, kale, and string beans!), whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats.

3. Get active: Dedicating at least 2.5 hours out of the week to cardio/aerobic exercises and strength training/muscle-building activities will significantly impact your heart health.

4. Stay hydrated with your daily dose of H2O: Substitute water for soda (or sugary artificial fruit juice) to reduce calories.

What to avoid:

1. Stop smoking: The first step to promoting a healthy heart is to protect your health and your blood vessels. Do this by avoiding tobacco at all costs, as it is one of the top CONTROLLABLE risk factors for heart disease.

2. Control your alcohol consumption: An excessive amount of alcohol is known for gradually destroying the health of the liver and overall weakening the function of the heart. Drink in moderation to avoid high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and weakened heart muscles.

3. Stay away from processed foods with added sugars: With fast-foods on the high-rise in today's society, it's easy to fall for "quick and easy" processed foods, but the ending result for your body is less than satisfactory. Avoid potato chips, sugary breakfast cereals, and microwave meals.

4. Stress: Elevated stress levels have been consistently linked to health problems, so partaking in daily relaxation methods to lower stress, such as yoga and meditation, are best for maintaining heart health.

Having a strong and healthy heart will be easy when you know your triggers and when you take time to gain a better understanding of your body. Revisit these tips at your leisure and be sure to join us for a session to get on the path to happy cardiovascular muscles!


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