The Importance of Eating Your Veggies

There may be days now more than ever where you’re wondering, “What changes can I make to live a healthier life?” Many people might believe that starving themselves and overworking their body is the only way to see any change, but really, feeling healthier is as easy as adding a little bit more vegetables and practicing moderation. You don’t have to completely rid your life of sugar, but making that effort to eat less sugar and more veggies can make a world of a difference.

Veggies come in many categories depending on the parts of the vegetable you eat. There’s stems, leaves, roots, bulbs and flowers. Each fruit has its own “super power” or set of nutrients and minerals that benefit each part of your body. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, vegetables contain crucial nutrients such as folate acid, which helps create red blood cells; Vitamin A, which keeps eyes and skin healthy and protects against infection; Vitamin C, which is great for wounds and keeps teeth and gums strong; Fiber; which is good for healthy bowel movement and strengthens the immune system. Vegetables not only have multiple nutrients, they are also low in fat and calories. A few tasty veggies we recommend here at Teesha Yoga are: Spinach which is packed with calcium, iron and vitamin C; Kale is filled with vitamin C, K and A; Sweet potatoes; which are packed with potassium, vitamin c and vitamin A and last but not least, Beets which are made up of folate acid, potassium and nitrates.

As we continue to get older, our bodies weaken and require more nutrients. Without veggies, we put ourselves at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Medical experts agree that eating vegetables helps lower that risk and can even decrease bone loss. Don’t avoid your veggies! Start small by adding vegetables as an additional side with each of your meals throughout the day, gradually adding more veggies and less carbs on your plate as you learn more on how to cook, season, and appreciate the delicious and healthy abundance of veggies.

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