The Art of Yin & Yang Yoga (3/4): Yin Yoga Postures

In this week's Teesha Talk Tuesday, we will be continuing the Yin Yoga series and discussing common yin yoga postures and poses. As a gentle recap, by practicing this form of yoga, one is attempting to reach down into their bodies and gently stimulate the flow of chi through the meridians of their connective tissues. This yogic path is both meditative and relaxing as well as intensive and stimulating to the limbs and joints. Today, we will cover the butterfly, the sleeping swan, and the shoelace.

The Butterfly:

The Butterfly pose is a stretch for the lower spine and groin. It improves blood circulation in the lower body, provides relief for menstrual discomfort, and strengthens back muscles which improves posture greatly.

How to do it: Begin by sitting on your mat, bringing the soles of your feet together as one. Begin to lean forward and gradually begin to bring your feet closer to your groin, which will begin to stretch those groin muscles. Lean forward as far as you can, bringing your forehead to your feet. Hold this pose for 3-5 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

The Sleeping Swan:

The Sleeping Swan is a pose that externally rotates the femur of the front leg and stretches all the muscles and connective tissues on the lateral side of the buttocks and thighs. It gently stretches the hip flexors of the rear leg and psoas. The added benefits of this pose is increased toe mobility and ankle strength as well as stimulation for the kidney, liver, and spleen meridians through the front body extension.

How to do it: Begin by getting down on your hands and knees. Move your right knee back a foot or so and then move your left foot and place it in front of the right knee. Keeping your left foot where it is slide the right knee backwards as far as you can, pushing your pelvis closer to the floor. Lean forward and take some of the weight on your elbows. As you settle into the pose, gaining more and more flexibility, try to flush your chest with your front foot. Hold pose for three to five minutes. Repeat if necessary.

The Shoelace:

The Shoelace pose increases intestinal movements and hip mobility, decompresses the lower back by stretching the lumbar spine to ease back and sciatic pain. This pose focuses on opening up and stretching the arms and shoulders, reducing upper back as well as upper leg/hip tension. Great hip rotation pose, beneficial inner thigh and groin stretch.

How to do it: Begin by sitting with your legs crossed in front of you, maintaining great posture. Curve your right leg so that your knee is at a 45 degree angle. Bring your left leg on top of your right leg, laying your knee on top of the other, mimicking the same 45 degree angle as the opposing leg. Hold those pose for a moment before you begin to lean forward, bringing your chest down to connect to your knees. Extend your arms out forward as if you were slowly reaching for the stars. Hold this pose for three to five minutes. Repeat if necessary.

There are a wide variety of poses and postures that go into Yin Yoga, so if you're interested in learning more or possibly joining us for a session in Yin Yoga, reach out to us! Subscribe to our emailing list and leave us a message or give us a call at 470-591-0167. We look forward to seeing you there, virtually or in studio at 5275 Peachtree Pwky STE 105, Peachtree Corners GA 30092,

STAY SAFE! Namaste.


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