The Art of Yin & Yang Yoga (2/4): Yang Yoga

What is Yang Yoga? Yang yoga is the more dynamic, active form of yoga, compared to yin yoga. It mocks the more traditional hatha and ashtanga practices that targets muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. Vinyasa, hatha, and ashtanga are the common yogic styles incorporated into yang yoga, as they all collectively aim to focus on building muscle and endurance; keeping fit and staying active during this branch of yoga is the goal. Compared to yin yoga, yang yoga offers more standing poses that are meant to be held for passively longer periods of time. Being that it aims to build muscle, expect high activity and more heat generation aka more sweating during this branch of yoga. Yang yoga is best suited for individuals who are at the start of their fitness journey, wanting to get a really nice sweat with high intensity workouts while developing balance, flexibility, and strength.

How to practice yang yoga? Yang yoga is often practiced as a blended form of yoga, beginning the session with yang yoga and ending with yin yoga to leave feeling calm, well-exercised, and refreshed. So, being that the goal of this yin yang yoga is to achieve the ultimate equilibrium within the body, one has to follow the expectations of both sides. Similarly, one should practice yang yoga in a cool room as the high intensity poses will cause you to build up a sweat and having the cool air may help when holding difficult poses for longer periods of time. A few examples of some of the poses that one will practice during a session of yang yoga would be the mountain pose (with the palms facing forward), the warrior squat pose, the three legged downward facing dog pose, and the standing wind release pose (with arms raised). The goal during this practice, as is in many yogic practices, is to push yourself to your own personal limit to reap the most benefits of these poses.

What are the benefits to yang yoga? Whether you're a beginner just beginning to dip your toes in the pond of yoga, or if you're seasoned veteran who's indulged in many yogic branches and knows the ropes, yin yang yoga is one of the best of the best practices to partake in. Yang yoga strengthens and tones the body, increases stamina, and releases chronic tension and obstacles within the body. It also recharges/energizes the body, supports mental clarity and calm thoughts, and helps one to achieve great balance.

Are you interested in taking Yin Yang Yoga with Teesha Yoga? Feel free to leave us a message or give us a call at 470-591-0167 to begin your journey with yoga. We'd be honored to walk you through it!

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