Taoist Yoga

In this week's Teesha Talk Tuesday, we will be discussing Taoist Yoga, how to practice it, and the added benefits of it.

What is Taoist Yoga? Taoist yoga is a yoga practice that combines "flow" yoga as well as yin yoga, similar to how it combines both ancient Indian tradition and Chinese theories surrounding the energy maps of the body. With this foundation, taoist yoga is meant to enhance the effects of yoga itself while providing a deep understanding of the body. It features breathing techniques, spiritual teachings, and postures from hatha yoga. Taoist yoga is treated as a personal practice that caters to the specific needs of an individual's body. This yogic art has three main goals: to increase the nourishing yin energy moving throughout the body, to develop a deeper awareness of each body’s subtleties and why they are interconnected, and to increase physical flexibility as a means for greater physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.

How to practice Taoist Yoga? A Taoist yoga practice may include warmup exercises like Sun Salutations, standing movements, standing meditation, floor exercises, relaxation, mantra and breathing practices. The practice is deliberately flexible to suit the individual yogi. This practice uses stretching, visualization, and meditation alongside gentle movements. These are believed to build strength, promote self-healing, and restore a balance between the body and the mind. Taoist yoga has three primary health goals, and its postures are designed to target areas that require special attention. Feelings of tightness in the body and mind are addressed through yoga postures. The class often comes to a close with some chanting, breathing techniques, and meditation. In addition, the practice of Taoist yoga teaches values and principles that can be applied to everyday life.

What are the benefits of Taoist Yoga?

-Allows energy channels chakras to open naturally.

-More concentrated and focused mind.

-It let your intuitions guide you wisely.

-You’ll witness improved relationships

-It eradicates the intoxication present in your body

-It improves your body gestures

-Make you feel relaxed and calm all the time.

-It enhances the knowledge and makes you wise.

-Helps you to get better and uninterrupted sleep.

As you can see, taoist yoga is easily one of the more relaxing but self-assuring forms of yoga as it allows you to rejuvenate your mind and body while catering to your energy channels and going with the flow of YOUR body. Interested in starting your yoga fitness journey and possibly taking a class in Taoist Yoga? Reach out to us! We'd be happy to help transform and shape your healthy lifestyle change. Swing by our studio or give us a call at 470-591-0167. Until then, stay safe!



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