Strength Training

Strength training is not only for those looking to become wrestlers, body builders or fitness freaks…no, there are numerous health benefits from strength training that aren’t related to building up your body mass. For one, strength training helps cut abdominal fat (belly area) because as your calories are burning, you’re creating leaner muscle mass which boosts your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism is always great because as we get older, our metabolism slows down, making weight a much harder and longer journey than when we were younger. Strength training is also great for cardiovascular health. When you have excess visceral fat, it can sit around your vital organs and heart causing numerous health conditions, however there was a study done by the Journal of Applied Physiology that proved men that regularly strength trained showed improved blood pressure and good cholesterol than those who did not strength train (U.S News). Strength training also improves your mobility and your flexibility, which is a plus when you’re doing yoga with us here at Teesha Yoga. As you strength train, you’re moving all of your joints and muscles in their full range of motion, which can later be pushed farther and farther. You’ll be able to extend your reach and bend in ways that you weren’t able to before. Strength training is also great for osteoporosis prevention and management. As you lightly stress your bones and muscles through strength training, it contracts the muscles and pulls on the bones attached. This process helps stimulate cell proteins that benefit your bones. Not only do your muscles grown stronger, but so do your bones! Strength training can even increase your brain power! Especially for those higher up in their years. On a study done on elders 55-86 suffering “cognitive decline” (which can be anything from memory loss, language issues, thinking and skewed judgment) in which they were told to strength train twice a week for six months, their cognitive test scores increased substantially (U.S News). In other words, you don’t have to obsessively strength train to the point where you’re a body builder for these results, but by including some strength training in your regular workout routine, you can increasingly improve your health and even prevent health conditions from arising later down the line.

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