Good vs Bad Foods for Abs

Summer’s almost over, restrictions are getting lifted, and you’re thinking about getting a little escape from quarantine life for an outdoorsy, beach or mountain vacation…but you look down and notice that maybe this quarantine got to your gut a little harder than you thought. You’re probably thinking I want to get it together before I have to get back to work or school but not sure where to start. Here at Teesha Yoga, we’ve got you covered with the best way to get back to feeling like the real YOU and get that 6 pack you’ve been wanting.

The first step towards getting a 6 pack is knowing that you really want that 6 pack. You have to tell yourself that you’ll put in the time, dedication, and determination to achieving what you desire. The journey is truly about being who you want to be, feeling your best, and looking your best because it’s what you want, and it’s what will make you happy. You will have to make some adjustments to your every day life, sacrifices will be made, and patience will be tested but loving the way you look in the mirror is the goal and you CAN achieve it with a lot of effort.

The next step is analyzing your diet, and knowing what changes to make for the better. Sometimes you’re not necessarily eating “unhealthy,” you might just be eating portions too large or sometimes you’re eating small meals, but they’re lacking in vitamins and nutrients.

Of course, you’re human and sometimes you’re going to want that double cheeseburger that you’ve been craving. Everything is with moderation, and just making a few changes to your diet can have a lasting impact! Just make sure that you stay hydrated, don’t starve yourself, and remind yourself that moderation is key.

The last step is to add regular exercise to your schedule. It’s important to not power through, torturing solely your core with crunches and bicycles; the best way to go about getting that 6 pack is full body workouts. Pair some cardio, with active core workouts like planks, bridges and lateral leg raises. Keep your body moving, and add some weight lifting to help focus on key areas. Know when you’re body needs rest, but don’t skimp out on your workout just to finish up early. It’s important to remember that even if that burn from your workout hurts in the moment, you’ll feel so proud of yourself once you’ve pushed through and finished your workout. We also recommend building a playlist that gets you focused and “in the zone” for your workouts. Lastly, be consistent! As we said before, getting the abs you want is going to take determination and hard work. Working out once every two weeks isn’t going to get you there, at least not in a reasonable time. Try adding at least 3-4 workouts a week to maintain and build that muscle throughout your body. In no time, these changes will result in a lifestyle change and eating healthy and getting active will be just another part of your life.

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