Belly Rubs & Prenatal Yoga

In this Teesha Talk Tuesday, we will discuss the impact of rubbing your belly while pregnant as well as the key benefits of practicing prenatal yoga with Teesha Yoga.

Did you know that unborn babies LOVE belly rubs? It's one of the first initial ways in which they connect with their mother - the softest form of communication. Researchers say that babies even reach out to touch the uterus wall when it's rubbed by their mothers to fill the gap between them and to strengthen their growing bond together. Babies become so in tune with their mother's touch that they can even tell the difference between her touch versus someone else's. This sensitivity to touch begins around the 19th week of pregnancy, which is about the 5th month and the second trimester. So, not only does a tummy rub help ease abdominal pain for the new mom, but deepens the blossoming emotional connection that she has with her offspring.

Did you know that 60% of pregnant women who engage in prenatal yoga (or a consistent form of exercise) have reported to having a smoother delivery process? Let's get into it. Prenatal yoga is yoga that is dedicated to mentally and physically preparing mom-to-be's for their labor and delivery process as well as improving their comfort for the duration of their pregnancy. It is meant to target mental relaxation through meditation and breathing exercises as well as expanding range of motion through gentle yoga poses and stretches. In the process of doing this, the mother is aligning her mind and body, creating a steady regimen for her and her baby, while maintaining her stress levels and meeting new mom friends along the way! If you or anyone you know is expecting and would like to join us for a COMPLIMENTARY Prenatal Yoga session, please reach out to us via email at or via phone at 470-591-0167 to sign up and schedule with us. This class is offered both in studio and via Zoom. We look forward to seeing you. Until next time, stay safe.



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