6 Foods that Reduce Bloating and Gas

In this Teesha Talk Tuesday, we will discuss the top 6 foods that help reduce bloating and gas: yogurt, bananas, ginger, fennel seeds, papaya, and asparagus.


Yogurt is packed with probiotics that support a healthy digestive process, so naturally it aids (and directly targets) belly bloating by reducing excessive gas. On average, one yogurt cup carries about 20 grams of protein, so it fills your stomach quickly without the excess volume or calories. The active cultures within Greek yogurt are what go in to get the job done. A few yogurt suggestions would be Chobani (pineapple and vanilla), Activia (vanilla or strawberry), and Stonyfield.


Bananas are rich in potassium and soluble fiber, which helps the body to flush out excess sodium and reduce inflammation, which therefore reduces gas and bloating. If you didn't know, having more fiber in your diet improves your digestion and can ease chronic constipation, so fiber is similar to the live cultures in yogurt that directly work with your digestion tract and aid excess gas and bloating. So, on your way home from work, feel free to stop by your local supermarket and pick up a bunch of Chiquita Bananas!


Ginger has a nice relaxing effect on your intestines, which helps to reduce inflammation. This is why it is often suggested to those you suffer with acid reflux or GERD, the ginger goes in and adds a soothing sensation to the abdomen and this prevents the backflow of stomach acid up into the throat because it has successfully settled the stomach cavity. Being that ginger is directly tied to reducing inflammation to the colon, (which helps the food we eat to pass through easily) this explains the wonders it will do to eradicating gas and bloating. The best recommended ways to digest ginger would be by adding it to your morning smoothie, trying ginger root tea with honey, or picking up a pack of 100% Ginger Toffee Candies at your local Whole Foods Market.

Fennel Seeds:

Fennel Seeds have a compound that relaxes GI spasms, and this allows gas to pass. These wonderful seeds are known for having outstanding digestive properties that facilitate the relief of bloating and eases the passing of gas before, during, and after digestion. Did you know that fennel seeds stimulate digestive juices and enzymes that naturally work to improve digestion? Its anti-inflammatory reputation is also known to ease or eliminate constipation and indigestion. The best recommended ways to digest fennel seeds would either be through fennel tea or by chewing the seeds directly.


Papaya has anti-inflammatory properties that support a strong digestive tract. This fruit has an enzyme (known as papain) that breaks down protein and assists in digestion, and although more studies are needed to connect it to reduced bloating, the enzyme is proof enough that this tasty fruit packs a powerful punch against bloating! It's common for people to enjoy papaya by simply scooping it up (like melon) and eating it directly, but others choose to discard the seeds, cut the fruit into cubes, and drizzle lime juice over the top for an enhanced eating experience.


Asparagus contains a diuretic that helps reduce water retention, which is linked to bloating. Have you ever chugged a full bottle of water and immediately after experienced a mini episode of bloating? I'm sure you have! If you're consistent with your water intake, adding asparagus to your diet can help counteract the effects of water retention/bloating due to excess water. Asparagus also includes prebiotics, which supports the growth of "good" bacteria within your gut. This tasty vegetable not only makes an awesome side for any main entrée but it flushes out excess water and relieves any discomfort and gas. This is best paired with a side of mashed potatoes and braised salmon. Or you can prepare them alone in a nonstick pan with light olive oil, topped with a sprinkle of kosher salt. Delicious!

Calm your belly bloating and gas by adding these foods to your diet! If you find yourself in a rut and are having a difficult time orchestrating your diet, reach out to us regarding our Teesha Yoga Nutritional Coaching! We'd be happy to help your jumpstart your dietary journey into a fresh and healthy lifestyle change. Contact us via email at info@teeshayoga.com or via phone at 470-591-0167. Until next time, stay safe!



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