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Megan H. says

"Teesha made a breakthrough with my 14 year old daughter during Teen Yoga Therapy, after spending hundreds in counseling fees, 4 sessions in and Abby LOVES Teesha! Thank you!!"

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Shannon D. says

"Teesha has a positive vibe and works well to accommodate her clients!"

Katisha W. says

"Thank you! You're awesome, my mental health was essential to overcome that obstacle - thank you for everything!"

Jenny A. says

"Teesha ROCKS!!! Best I've felt in months"

Tisha T. says

"Teesha has been given a gift to teach and create a soothing, peaceful environment. I went for the first time with four friends. We all agreed that it was one of the best evenings we have had in a long while!"

Shannon B. says

"My son made it to quarter finals and this is the highest level tournament he has ever been in! He was pretty zen throughout, I can see  the awesome differences yoga and you are making!"

Sohini W says

"Teesha Yoga is the best kept secret of Peachtree Corners! Teesha is very knowledgeable about yoga and provides a relaxing, comfortable and peaceful place to practice yoga. Darrick is amazing! His calm and soothing voice guides us through practice and leaves us feeling zen! You guys are a blessing in my life!" 

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